Quality Management

Quality management involves meaningful changes in the work process of a company to improve its customer’s experiences. So you can understand well its importance for the growth and development of an organization. It can be said that permanent ongoing development is the central theme in quality management. It ensures continuous improvement within all processes in a systematic manner. Quality management is important for organizations to keep on developing and keep on looking at ways to improve themselves and also to enforce corrective actions for better performance. The base for quality management is Deming’s PDCA circle: Plan, Do, Check and Act.


Total quality management has become a crucial ingredient to strategic planning within every possible domain. Solon uses this tried and tested method of total quality to advise and help you and your company to achieve full potential. Our state-of-the-art quality management service will help you to stay competitive in an increasingly competitive market. Our aim is not only to introduce modifications in the present work process of a company but also to improve the organizational behavior as a whole inside the company leading to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our competent service will definitely help you to stay ahead of the competition.


Being one of the most reputed consulting companies in The Netherlands, we boast an experienced team of interim managers, consultants and change managers who can advise you on reorganizations, collaborations, mergers and alliances in the cultural sector, both nationally and internationally.


Organizational analysis and quick scans

To quickly spot any problems, Solon has developed quick scans which lay out a picture of the current situation, obstacles and elements where improvement can be made. A quick scan can be used as a confirmation for existing thoughts about improvement, but also when there are difficulties of which the causes are not clearly identified and established yet.