Project Management

Growth in an international marketplace has created a demand for professionals and executives with competencies and capabilities in the management of complex projects. And project management is not an easy task at all . Efficient handling of projects requires proper skill and knowledge. Companies that do not realize the importance of project management education are likely to commit mistakes in managing and accomplishing different assignments or tasks.

To improve the expertise of professionals working in different organizations, Solon consultancy has competently developed project management course in The Netherlands, highly beneficial to nurture the skills of resources. You will find a number of institutions offering project management courses in The Netherlands but none can match our quality. We strive hard to deliver you the best service in the industry. We are proud to have a dedicated pool of trainers who are well-experienced and highly skilled. Our trainers provide complete attention to every detail while teaching the course, covering all aspects of business development.


Our project management course has been meticulously designed to provide you a proper understanding of the complex project management methods. It will hone your decision making skills, improve your ability to cope with different challenges of business operations. The course will help you to build your expertise in resolving different business issues efficiently, so that you can deliver projects seamlessly. It helps in making processes, people and organizations more efficient or activity orientated to create exhibitions, develop educational programs and create publications. Most importantly it will help you to enhance your career prospect significantly.


We are Prince2 certified, and we have customized this method to provide instruments, tools and methods that fit cultural organizations – to a T! We do that based on best practices within cultural projects. The key to success is finding a structured way of getting your business case from the initial idea to a fully formed result.